Project work at the FHV

3D printed

strain gauges

Group Picture FH Vorarlberg
Photo by Christian Anselmi (FHV)

Project team

The future electrical engineers Bali and Julian from the FHV, together with Philipp from VENOX Systems, have developed a 3D printed demonstrator with integrated strain gauges.

In the photo from left to right: Nicolai Wampl, Philipp Ropele, Julian Dallbrida & Balichach Sae-Khu

3D printed strain gauges FH Vorarlberg
Photo by Julian Dallabrida

The finished part with control unit

The task for the students was as follows:

  • Construction of a component with integrated resistor wires
  • Connection to Aurduino Uno
  • Reading out and providing the measured values

VENOX realized the following tasks:

  • Material production (polyamide coated resistance wire)
  • Component production using FFF and CFFP 3D printing

Potential for the industry

Many thanks to the students at the Universtiy! This work paves the way for progress in the area of material selection and wire design, and opens up a new application for CFFP technology in addition to conventional continuous fiber materials such as carbon.

The results of this work bring us a significant step closer to making this particular aspect of our technology suitable for industrial use.

The printed resistance wire offers great potential, particularly in the aerospace industry. Here, components could be permanently monitored for their load.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for additive manufacturing with wires, we look forward to hearing from you:

Demo Video

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