High Tech from the Austrian Alps

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VENOX – Systems

Zeichenfläche 6
Werner Zudrell
Mr. CNC – Manufacturing specialist
Zeichenfläche 8
Philipp Ropele
Mechanical engineer and 3D printing expert
Zeichenfläche 7
Simon Köldorfer
Electrical Engineer
Bernd Büchele
Manufacturing specialist
Zeichenfläche 5
Gregor Fleisch
Business Development
Zeichenfläche 2
Andreas Wampl
Business Development
Zeichenfläche 2 Kopie
Nicolai Wampl
Industrial Engineer

High Tech from western Austria

VENOX comes from "VENire" / "InVENTION" = to come/invent and "OX" for "outside the box".

"V-REX" the name of our manufacturing system comes from Venox Revolutionary Extrusion System


We are a team of experienced technicians with a wide range of specialised knowledge from different fields, ready to take on any challenge.

Offering and developing the best technical products and solutions is our claim and expertise.

You can find us here!

VENOX Systems GmbH

Zeihenbühl 396

6951 Lingenau

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