Revolutionary Extrusion System


Our industrial manufacturing system combines several innovations to create a new revolutionary overall system:

A new continuous fiber printing technology, a tool changing system and a 5-axis gantry.

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Printhead technology CFFP

A new approach to additive manufacturing with continuous filaments using our innovative technology.

What is CFFP?

Anisotropic precision

Carbon is characterized by particularly high mechanical strength, especially when forces act along the direction of the fibres. With our 5-axis structure, we are taking a significant step by laying the fibers freely in space in order to place them precisely along the force path.

High Performance

In addition to continuous fibers, our system can also process thermoplastic materials using the FFF process.

With a printing temperature of up to 500 °C, a wide range of materials can be processed.

Modular and versatile

Not only are the print heads modular and can be replaced by the user, the printing plate can also be changed.

In 3-axis operation, the advantage of the larger construction area can be exploited.

This allows the system to be adapted to the respective project for maximum output.


Our tool changing system combines different processes and materials. It is currently possible to integrate 6 tools in one process.

Free fiber planning - open system

The fiber orientations can be freely determined by the user.

Free parameterization of the system - for all those who strive for innovation and performance.

Made in Austria

We attach great importance to regional procurement and quality.

That is why we source most of our standard parts from Europe.

The system is manufactured and assembled in Vorarlberg.

Technical data

3-axis print volume (X, Y, Z)600 | 400 | 400 mm
5-axis travel path (X, Y, Z, A, C)

600 | 400 | 500 mm 

A: +180-180° | C: 360°

5-axis part sizepart diameter: 300 mm
part height: 450 mm
Automatic tool changing systemup to 6 tools for one process
Printing plate temperatureup to 200 °C
Chamber temperatureup to 100 °C
Print head for continuous filamentstemperature up to 500 °C - water-cooled
Print heads for thermoplastics - Filamentsvarious versions - temperature up to 500 °C - water-cooled

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