3D printed optical fibers in industrial use


The Walter Bösch GmbH was faced with the problem that the status display on a control board was not visible to the user when installed.

With this challenge, the company turned to us to find an alternative solution using additive manufacturing.

Thanks to our expertise in additive manufacturing, we decided to take an innovative approach:

Instead of manufacturing a completely new housing, we developed a two-component part that redirects the light from the LED status indicator to the front of the housing.

The outer shell is made of UV-resistant ASA material, while the core consists of printed optical fibers.

This solution not only enables efficient use of existing resources, but also takes advantage of the wide range of possibilities offered by multi-material 3D printing.

Thanks to our solution, we were able to solve the problem of invisible status display and minimize costs at the same time.

3D printed optical demonstration

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