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Carbon gas pedal made by 3D printer

In close partnership with the TU Wien Racing Team, we have developed a pioneering composite component made of carbon fiber that exceeds conventional aluminum in terms of lightness and strength.

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Lightweight revolution at the gas pedal: additive manufacturing sets new standards in Formula SAE

The constant evolution in motorsports requires cutting-edge technologies that increase not only the performance, but also the efficiency of racing vehicles. In pursuit of top performance, a remarkable cooperation between VENOX and the prestigious TU Wien Racing Team has occurred for this year's Formula SAE. Together we have developed an innovative accelerator pedal made of carbon fiber and PEKK. This innovative component marks a significant advancement by not only drastically reducing weight, but also providing unprecedented strength - all compared to conventional milled aluminum components.

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The challenge

The TU Vienna Racing Team, known for its participation in international racing series, was looking to further optimize the performance of its race cars. One of the key challenges was to minimize the weight of the vehicle in order to increase speed and agility without compromising on safety. This is where our partnership came in: Together we researched, developed and tested intensively to find a solution that met these requirements.



The result of these collaborative efforts is a pioneering lightweight component made of carbon fiber that leaves conventional aluminum parts in the shade. The newly developed carbon accelerator pedal not only stands out for its remarkably low weight, but also far surpasses the strength properties of aluminum. Developed specifically for 3D print manufacturing, the accelerator pedal enables a balance between lightness and strength, resulting in improved overall vehicle performance.

Formula SAE was also impressed with our co-developed accelerator pedal, so much so that we were also nominated for the best 3D printed component in the racing series.

For more information on the accelerator pedal and manufacturing technology, check out our Case Study right here!


Accelerator pedal




Manufacturing type

5-axis milling

Continuous carbon fiber with FFF

Faster iterations possible

Component weight

90 g

42 g

+ 47%

Implementation duration



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Same for single piece

Manufacturing costs

- 20%

Specific tensile strength*

+ 472%


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