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Material Mastery, Tailored Solutions!

Manufacturing as a Service

We provide an extensive array of materials coupled with in-depth expertise in various manufacturing methods. Share your challenges with us, and we will deliver tailored solutions to address your specific needs!

Available Materials and Technologies


FFF (Fused Filament Fabriaction) for ThermoplasticsCFFP (What is CFFP?) for Continous Fibers



Up to 6 Material types in one partCombine different thermoplastics or fibers in one partFFF and CFFP can be mixed



Common PlasticsPLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, ..
FelxibelsTPU, ...
SoluablesPVA, HIPS, ..
Engineering GradePA6, PA12, PP, PC, ... (with short fiber reinforcement)
High End PlasticsPEKK, ...


Continuous Fibers

Fibers for StrengthCarbon, Aramid, Glass fiber, ...
Functional FibersCopper wire, resistance wire, optical fibers, ...


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