one continuous line of carbon

Carbon Spring printed with 5 Axis

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of our funding project with the Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH.

Our task was to manufacture a tapered spring component made of continuous carbon fiber on our 5-axis system.

The complex requirement required the use of all 5 axes, our tool changing system and our new print head technology.

Slicing and Programming

Setting the first step for our 5 Axis slicing approach we made program for the springs in various shapes. This gives us the paths for the fibers.

Printing the Base & Milling

The base structure was printed with a thermoplasic, after that we switched the tools thru our automatic tool changing mechanism to a milling spindle.

With that we milled the paths smoothly for the fiber placement.

Fiber Printing and removal

After the printing process the spring was removed from the base and was finished as a demonstrator.

The spring consists of 1 continuous line of carbon fiber.

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Nicolai Wampl
Managing Director