Use Cases

An excerpt from our projects


Connecting rod

High strength and light as a feather

29.6g (72% lighter than the original cast aluminium)

Material: PEKK with 3K carbon fiber

Demonstrator copper wire

A demonstrator with 3 functions

1. strain gauge component (left)

2. heating element (centre)

3. bypass switch for the LED (right)

Material: PA-GF with copper wire

Fork bridge

Every gram counts in motorsport!

Our continuous fiber reinforced fork bridge weighs only 252g! (The original made of cast aluminium has 505g)

Bionic 3D Printing

A component for a student project.

A bionically generated structure.

Printed with PA6-CF with PVA (water soluble support material).

Drone with integrated wires

Material: PA-GF with copper wire.

"Outside the Box"

V–REX – Industrial AM System

High-end 3D printing with multiple polymers, composite fibers, metal wires and optical fibers.

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